With proven expertise in silicon, germanium, arsenic and boron chemistry, Arkonic manufactures and delivers the next generation of top-quality specialty gases and chemicals.

Arkonic was founded in 1992 to meet the demands of laboratories requiring top quality specialty gases. The products are marketed via their business partner, Hong Kong Specialty Gases who have an established presence in Asia. Driven by a desire to communicate and connect with our customers in China, Arkonic established a sales office in Shanghai and has grown their talented sales team in the region.

With the huge success of our manufacturing site in ShenZhen built 10 years ago, Arkonic quickly moved to expand their capacity by building an additional site in AnHui, positioning itself to become one of the leading gas suppliers in China.

Arkonic focuses on bringing a passion for innovation and an emphasis on the customer to the following industries:
• Semiconductor
• Solar Photovoltaic
• Environmental Protection
• Education
• Scientific Research
• Medicine
• Gas Handling Equipment



As part of Arkonic’s services we are proud to be the ONLY manufacturer in China to offer these blockbuster products: 
• Arsine AsH3 (for Military Photovoltaic Applications)
• Diborane B2H6 (we offer the highest purity of all our competitors)
• Germane GeH4
• Trimethyliboron TMB
• Silane SiH4

Arkonic Solutions are
Environmentally Sustainable – we place our highest commitment to the environment and support the eco-friendly development of solar energy. By adopting ISO 14001:2004 guidelines on Environmental Management Systems which allowed us to improve the quality of life in communities, including ecological, cultural, social and economic components creating a better world for future generations.
Modern – by leveraging advanced technological proprietary cylinder treatments, we ensure the highest purity levels in all our products.
Global – we have grown to become a worldwide leading supplier of environmental gas standards, lighting gases, excimer premixes, specialty gases for the multinational organization.
Flexible – if you are unable to find what you are looking for, we will custom design a niche solution for you.
Proven – Backed by over 20 years of manufacturing experience and strong relationships, Arkonic delivers specialty gas products of uncompromising quality to customers.

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